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Creating a Teams Meeting, and sharing the joining details in OSM or by email

This article is to help section leaders and meeting organisers who need to share meeting details with personal accounts outside of Br Scouts, where the person has not, or is unlikely to give permission for the sharing of their personal email address, OR they want to add the joining instructions to am OSM communication, a programmed meeting or an OSM Event.


  1. BR Scouts Office 365 Account with associated email address
  2. Online Scout Manager Account with sending emails enabled
1Log into Microsoft TeamsWeb Link
2Go to the Team you want to arrange the meeting in, this could be your Section Team, or your Group Team, depending on how your Group sets up it’s Teams.
Select the Channel (most likely General if the Team is section dedicated, if your Team is Group then has Channels for Sections, go to your Section Channel)
3Top right corner Click Meet (also has video camera Icon)
4Click Schedule a Meeting
5Schedule the Meeting, with all the information you feel is necessary to share, and include any MKScouts Attendees you wish to invite (the DC likes to get an invite to section meetings). Ignore Scheduling Assistant for now
6Once you are happy with the details, click Send
7This will send the meeting invite it to anyone who has been directly included, and when they accept it, it will appear in their Outlook/Google calendar with joining instructions. It will also post a notification to the Channel
9Click on the Meeting invite to edit the contents, as it will now show the joining instructions in the invite.
10Highlight and copy (ctrl+c) the details to the clipboard
11If you are experienced in sending OSM Emails, you can skip along to step xx
12Open and log into Online Scout ManagerOSM
13Go to Members, and select the people you need to send the meeting details to, and click Send Email
14Add a Subject, your usual email pre-amble and paste the Meeting details from your clipboard using right-Click + Paste, or Ctrl+v. This pastes the join meeting link into your email
15Click Send
16To add it to a Programme Meeting or Event, go back to your meeting invite in Teams, right click on the “Click Here to joining Meeting” and select “Copy Link” from the menu
17You can now paste that link into the Programme Meeting Basic Details
18For Events if using Parent Portal, create the event as normal, add it to the Parent Portal Description  and add the link (by clicking the link icon) and  pasting the meeting link
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