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When applying / renewing a permit, the permit is issued to the applicant and is not Section / Group / District specific – a permit holder can “run” a camp for any section, albeit if outside their ‘usual’ section should obtain guidance from the NAA, but only in the category (as below) for which the permit has been issued.

  1. toilets into a waste disposal system and access to running drinking water.
  2. Campsite – on a site with plumbed toilets into a waste disposal system and access to running drinking water. “Chemy toilets” are not covered under this permit, it’s a greenfield permit “thing” – technically would need to be assessed separately for use of such items
  3. Lightweight Expedition – planning on staying at any site for no more than one night before moving on.  Core activity is in the form of an expedition and all equipment is transported with the participants
  4. Greenfield – on a site that doesn’t have plumbed toilets or access to running drinking water.
  • Those holding a Green Field Permit may lead residential events in the other three categories.
  • Those holding a Camp Site Permit may also run indoor residential events.
  • However, those holding only Indoor or Light Weight Expedition Permits may not run residential experiences in the other categories.
  • Those holding a Hillwalking Permit that includes lightweight camping in remote areas may also run Lightweight Expedition events.

On renewal, if a permit holder has previously held category 2, 3 or 4, but not run such an event since the permit was first issued / renewed, they will not automatically be re-issued with a permit for the same category.