Returning to face-to-face scouting safely - Guidance for leaders on getting their section back together again safely.
Back together Safely!

The applicant needs to complete the NA Application form and, separate sheet listing additional experience, stating which level of permit they are applying for (for details of each type – see below). 

The form should be submitted to the DC who will then forward to one of the DNAAs.

The applicant will need a current Permit Holder to be present at least overnight at the camp.

The applicant will need to meet with the DNAA to go through the planning of the camp.  The DNAA will also endeavour to attend the camp, and will carry out a debriefing either at the camp or afterwards.

The applicant must provide the DNAA with a folder (further exact details will be provided), which should contain all the paperwork / Risk Assessments etc relating to the camp before the final debrief.

Once awarded the Nights Away Permit allows competent adults who have demonstrated that they have the right skills and attitudes to lead such events, to do so without seeking further permission.