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Event leaders need to submit a Nights Away Notification (NAN) form (updated May 2020) or via https://www.brscouts.org.uk/office365/nan/  to the DC at least 7 days before the event to notify that the event will be taking place.  If final numbers have not been confirmed, provisional estimates should be shown.  The DC will use the NAN form/s as a reference when completing your Renewal Application.

The NAN form has been updated (May 2020):

  • GDPR rules
  • requirement to list all adults attending, including their membership number (although DC “not fussed” long as all valid DBS checks)
  • Risk Assessments to be issued to DC / NA team and leaders / young people attending the event

Adult groups are required to notify their DC of a nights away event.

Before the event, the event leader should ensure that all the following have been completed:

  • Site review
  • Risk assessments
  • Costings
  • Programme
  • Food
  • Health forms/in-touch/home contact
  • Correct leader to child ratios

If the Permit Holder is not the person actually planning / running the camp, it is still the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure that all the necessary paperwork / planning is in order.