As I hope you know by now, before we start back into face to face scouting, each section needs to submit a risk assessment for all their activities and the locations. This needs to be agreed with the GSL and a member of the Group Exec and then submitted to the district representatives who will approve it (or not).

We have a process for doing this. What you do NOT do is send the RA’s to me at this email address. I will not respond to risk assessments sent directly to me.

The process you need to use is as described in the attached document.

A summary is:

  1. Download and read the guidance document from here
  1. Download the blank Word Risk Assessment template from here
  1. Fill it out and get it checked by the GSL (if it is not the GSL doing it) and a member of the Group Exec.
  1. Use the form located here to submit it to the district team. For the email, you need to use as the recipient.
  1. The district team will review your submitted Risk Assessment and respond within ‘x’ working days with either an approval to proceed or, if declined, some guidance as to what you may wish to amend or add.

Please note that this is not a quick process and, although we are very keen to get our YP back to ‘normal Scouting as soon as we can, we do have to follow the guidance and

procedures provided to us.

Please can I ask that you be kind to the volunteer trustees at all levels, who may have other commitments. as they wade their way through the paperwork.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please let us know.