Volunteering. It’s #GoodForYou.

Scouts are today launching #GoodForYou, a campaign designed to recruit over 5,000 volunteers. These volunteers are needed to help young people to reconnect with their peers, supporting their wellbeing and building their skills for life after a truly difficult year. The campaign will show potential volunteers how giving time to Scouts is good for them too – supporting their own skills, health and happiness, family and community. 

A fall in member and volunteer numbers

Between 2006 and 2020, Scouts membership went through a sustained period of growth, with nearly 200,000 new members.

However, in the past year, youth membership has fallen by 24.5% (down from 480,083 last year to 362,752) and adult volunteer numbers are also down, from 155,907 in 2020 to 140,810 for 2021.

Scout groups across the UK are now looking to build back better and empower the COVID generation when they need it most. To do this, Scouts need more adults to step up and volunteer to lead young people. Scout volunteers will create opportunities for young people to recover from the impacts of the pandemic by supporting their wellbeing and building the skills needed to succeed in life.

Volunteers Needed

All of our leaders are trained volunteers working to make Explorers the best it can be, but we don’t just need swashbuckling adventurers to lead our expeditions. We also need tidy-uppers and tea-makers and great listeners from all walks of life – for as much or as little time as they can spare.

Volunteer on your own terms